Sunday, May 9, 2021

An Equestrian Needlepoint Ornament Wreath

I fell in love with the needlepoint ornament wreath.  All those hours of stitching to use for only a month at Christmas?  No more.  Why not enjoy your ornaments all year long?  A faux boxwood wreath from Etsy, add a few ornaments, a nice bow from Ivy Nursery, littered with a few non-needlepoint ones and you are all set.....  This is from 502Needlepoint on Instagram. Wish I could take credit for this wonderful idea.

I love the wreath above because I follow horse racing. Why not make one for the Triple Crown, the Breeders' Cup, the Keeneland meets, but also make one that is more generic, for equestrian in general?  She's selected lillys for the Kentucky Oaks, mint juleps for the Derby, Kentucky state ornaments in case you live in Kentucky.

This is what I would add...

For interest, I'd add a wood ornament or two like this one from Etsy from

Love this one!

You need a few Bonnie Alexander ornaments for sure, now 20 percent off at the Stitching Fox.  Hermes horses! 

A good horse show ribbon always looks good on an ornament.  Maybe this is Apollo in a few years?

Love this one too!

Maybe a Staffordshire horse ornament?  Love this one.

A few fox hunting ones perhaps....

Love this!

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