Saturday, May 22, 2021

The Saturday List - May Version

It's been a busy month so far - mowing season is here so it leaves little free time these days. But here's the list for May.

1) Current Read - The Aviators by Winston Groom

This is an excellent read, well-written, full of history and tidbits about these men who are likely less famous to many today (since no one studies history now). If you don't know who Eddie Rickenbacker or Jimmy Doolittle are then you really need to read this.  And surely you know all about Charles Lindbergh?  Groom's book, The Generals, is also a great read.  

2) Currently Stitching

I'm working on this ornament, something a bit different, not a horse or animal. Very quick stitch.  If you love a visit to the Hermes store this is the next best thing right now and MUCH cheaper.

3) Netflix Recommendation - Cable Girls

To be honest, I have not been watching Netflix much between reading a night and mowing until dark (love that farm life) but I am watching this every now and then.  I don't like it when they dub instead of using subtitles (I know I am the only one) but this would be so much better with subtitles.  But I tend to love the Spanish shows, those actors, and this is a good one to watch.  

4) Equine Product Recommendation - Rebecca Ray Lilly Tote

I picked up a few items at Rebecca Ray's Warehouse Sale (still going on but the supply is now limited) and how fabulous is this!  The quality is excellent (nothing done cheaply here), the straps are heavy duty leather (like in a harness) with brass fittings.  This tote is quite large, much larger than I expected and it will be great on my next trip to Europe.  Treat yourself and hurry.  These are 50 percent off while they last.

5) Cookbook Recommendation - The Colonial Williamsburg Tavern Cookbook

I ordered this cookbook from Thriftbooks this week (and three others for a total of $20) and am going to dive in and cook like I own a tavern.   Amazon is for rich people.  Shop Thriftbooks my friends. If you love books like I do, it's the very best source. 

6) Whatever Else - Needlepoint Finishing

I am going to finish some of my needlepoint ornaments.  It's just too expensive and I am tired of waiting a year or more to get mine back.  Door hangers are equally easy to finish. Think of all the money I will save and I'll be able to enjoy my stitched heirlooms now instead of a year from now.  Here is a link to how to do it. Off to the fabric store today to buy cording and supplies. Stay tuned.

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