Saturday, May 8, 2021

Saturday Musings

It's been a bit of a shocking week: the demise of the Bill and Melinda Gates' partnership; the events still unfolding in India; the number of Americans who still refuse a Covid vaccine.  Why can't we get it together in this country and do the right thing for the good of the people, the country?  Shocking.  

While life is becoming more normal than this time last year, we won't see normal again for a long time.  The new normal will be different. Don't know if you've noticed but everything is getting expensive.  I bought another very cute, very inexpensive Lilly skirt recently from Poshmark. Vintage Lilly is best - all cotton, fully lined, adorable prints, trims. Love this vintage Lilly shift and it's $30 and a size 4.  Buying vintage is like recycling clothes. And the old stuff is so much better made....

This vintage skirt is a size 12 and is $30.  On Posh you make an offer and pay the shipping. I have bought most of my skirts for under $25.  You can return an item if it is misrepresented by the seller but  have never had to return anything.  It's so much easier than Ebay. 

Another skirt that I would buy if was in my size. LOVE this one.  It is a size 4 and $35.  Search "Vintage Lilly Skirt" and see what you find.  I prefer the longer skirts over the shorter skorts.  These come a few inches above the knee.  I wear these everywhere with tennis shoes and a white t-shirt. Pair with a jean jacket for a fun and comfortable look.

This one is a size 2 and is priced at $28.

I read on Facebook yesterday that people are sending their needlepoint canvases to finishers and the canvases are being stolen from the FedEx boxes.  The boxes arrive but they are empty. I don't know if it is true but more reason to take your canvases to a local shop, to a local decorator fabric store where they make pillows (and it is much cheaper to have them finished this way) or finish yourself.  

This is how I am feeling right now.....

I love these white jeans and saw a lady about my age at a horse show last weekend wearing something very similar and she looked great.  How she can pull off wearing white jeans to a horse show I will never know but I wear white jeans most of the year (except where there's a pandemic).  These are from J Crew.

I also discovered this brand at the same horse show.  It's made in Canada and I see many of the young riders wearing these shirts with breeches.  But you can just as easily pair this with sweats or jeans. It comes in many colors. 

I love this new color from Juliska. This would make the perfect Mother's Day gift but it is not in stock in this color. This may be on my holiday wish list. Love the pink.  My orange plates are a favorite.

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