Sunday, May 30, 2021

Favorite Summer Dresses

It's fall-like weather here in Virginia. I can't believe how cold it is but we need the rain badly so I'll take it!  Dreaming of wearing one of these great summer dresses this weekend, maybe for the 4th of July or at a Belmont Bash (next weekend?):

I have an old Sheridan French tunic and I am glad to see she is back. Love her stuff. Very good quality.  This dress, yes, this dress.

Also love this one:

Love this one.  See it here:

 Love this toile dress:

Fabulous dress:

 Love this striped summer dress:

 This dress is perfect for the 4th of July:

 Love this Nimo With Love summer dress:

 Loved this Ro's Garden kurta last year in green and now Tuckernuck has it again in blue and pink.  The pink is my favorite.

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