Thursday, May 20, 2021

Trip to Williamsburg, VA

We recently ventured out for our first trip other than to the beach house, in over a year, to Williamsburg, VA.  I won't say how long it's been since we visited this lovely spot in southeastern Virginia, but like a good wine, it just gets better with age.


The restored area was not completely open but there was still plenty to do and see.  We stayed two nights and it could have easily been a longer trip.  The weather was perfect and we walked everywhere from our hotel to the restored area.  We did not need a car once we arrived.  There were many people there but it was not too crowded.  Some of the main attractions in the restored area were open and people were socially distanced and masked even outdoors. There were dogs everywhere - it must be dog friendly now.  And the gardens were simply lovely - I am now inspired to get my own in good order.

There were only two taverns open - Kings Arms for dinner only inside, and Chownings for outdoor dining.  We had a late lunch there and it was excellent, but certainly more casual.  That part I missed as I would have loved to dined indoors but perhaps next trip!

I had not been to the Museum before and we went in for a peak and could have spent a half day there for sure.  That's a great place to return to for a colder weather visit.  They have a great furniture and china collection as well as a small David Hicks (Peaceable Kingdom paintings) exhibit.

We stayed at the Griffin Hotel which is part of the Williamsburg Inn.  We wanted to be within walking distance of the restored area and it was worth the expense.  Highly recommend it.  We are not Busch Gardens types so we did not go there.  And there is a lot of golf in Williamsburg if you golf.  There is a lot to do here and most everything is outdoors so it's a great place to visit right now.

The carriage rides were completely sold out

There are many books I now want to read.....

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