Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The China Affliction, Again

The affliction arrived early - while in high school to be exact. Way back then, some of us had jobs while we went to school. I actually started working at 16 but had to wait another year before I could work "on the clock."  My "on the clock" job working at a department store china department lasted seven long years.  Being exposed to my friends like Lenox, Wedgewood, Noritake, Spode and others had its advantages - you did not need to be "cool" to be accepted; no parties or drinking; you were never snubbed by the popular girls and boys.  But now, I am paying the price of that affection created long ago.  My relationship with china has never faltered.

Last weekend I came across an entire brand new (but old) set of Wedgewood Wild Strawberry.  "Never been used. Still with price tags and bubble wrap," according to the store clerk.  So sad to be ignored like that, something so lovely and beautiful. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess, even during a pandemic.  Still thinking about that set that included many serving pieces, like hitting a trifecta. I used to sell this stuff.

A few weeks before, I came across another one of my old friends, also at greatly discounted prices because apparently no one likes the stuff anymore. Pontmeirion Botanical is a flower lover's friend and what a lovely table it would make for al fresco dining overlooking my alliums.  Yes, I have thought about the possibilities.

Spode was another friend, not a close one back then, but one I admired from afar. My grandmother owned Spode.  My mother had Christmas China that my sister now owns.  The old stuff was my preference and I am loving it even more now like this Greek pattern that takes me back to my Classical roots (I studied the classics in college).  

Or Aesop's Fable.  I adore this in black but you see it also in blue.  What to learn more?  Read this great blog post here.

Or Caramanian by Spode:

A bit of history:

Caramanian pattern was first introduced in about 1809 and most usually seen transfer printed in blue. It was produced beyond the Spode period and is is seen with marks from Spode owners, Copeland & Garrett, from 1833-1847.

The centre designs were taken from Volume II of a three-part work entitled 'Views in Egypt, Palestine and the Ottoman Empire' published in 1803. Volume I covering Egypt and Volume III, Palestine, were not copied.

The pattern is also known in black, grey and possibly green. In the late 1990s the pattern was reintroduced as part of Spode's Blue Room Collection.  

The thrill of the hunt, of finding these pieces, of putting together your own collection and then learning the history behind it all, that's what I also love about china other than creating a lovely table to enjoy with a good meal with someone you want to dine with.

This is another pattern I sold and loved, from Wedgewood, Bianca, a Williamsburg pattern. It is lovely!

So what's on my current china wish list?  I would love to have a set of Christopher Spitzmiller salad or dinner plates in either lime green or hunter green.  I can't decide. 

I also adore Juliska's Country Estate pattern and have a set of four salad plates in the discontinued orange color (why did they quit making this classic color?). I love the gray, the blue and the new pink. Yes, pink!

And there is some Spode in my life.  A new collection for sure.  The thrill of the hunt right?   Enjoy your china.  Use it.  Research the history behind it.


  1. I love my Portmeirion Botanical,I have the entire set. We use it everyday. My fine china is Wedgwood "Carlyn" and Herend "Queen Victoria" in green. I have an autumn set of Spode that comes out Sept 1st! Best. Jane

  2. You found the unicorn! Did you buy the Wild Strawberry? It gives me goosebumps to think about- even serving pieces. I would die! I love good china. I was born in Bavaria in a town called Tirschenreuth where china was manufactured until a few years ago. The neighboring town manufactured Hutschenreuther. My favorite sets are from England, though. Every fall, I bring out a set I found at an estate sale 30 years ago called Copeland Spode Reynolds and my Clarice Cliff transfer ware in brown. I would love to have that Wild Strawberry set. I just bought an incomplete set of Wedgewood Countryware. I had forgotten that pattern. The cups and saucer in that set is lovely.

    1. Karin, no I did not buy the Strawberry. The store still has it though. I thought it was a bit expensive. The prices were a little bit better than Replacements but not by much. If they reduce it I may reconsider. My sister has Countryware and my mother does too. I would own 50 sets of china if I could. See some of my earlier posts about my collection. We lived near a Lenox Outlet for about 10 years. I added greatly to my stash then.

  3. The taupe fabric background obscures the text and I am unable to make out the words that used that as a backdrop :/


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