Thursday, May 27, 2021

Thursday Tidbits

 A few tidbits for this soon-to-be-summer Thursday:

1) For Pete's Sake Summer Pottery

This stuff sells out faster than fresh baked bread.  Love the Fourth of July themed pottery.

2) Notepads for the Stitcher

Ordering these today! Notepads with a needlepoint pillow theme and of course, personalize them!

3) Essex Classic's New Funnel Neck Sweaters

Love these new sweaters from Essex, one of my favorite brands.  They make the best quality shirts and their sweaters are superb. This is a new style, to wear now on crisp summer nights (do we even have those anymore)?  They come in many fun colors.

4) Zara Dress

Saw this on Blair at Atlantic-Pacific Blog, even for fast fashion this is a stunner.  Ditch the pants.

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