Monday, May 24, 2021

The Flower Garden Bug Has Bitten

For whatever reason, gardening has become a serious interest. While I have not blogged about this much, during the pandemic I refurbished an area of the farm into an herb and lavender garden and tried to grow a few vegetables.  See this post from 2020 for more.  It is really amazing what this area looks like now.  I'll report back on that.  I planted a small boxwood hedge to grow around my herbs and I have to put a small fence around it to protect the herbs from the critters like rabbits and groundhogs.  I filled the space with lavender and added a few hydrangeas (my favorite). There is a new birdbath too.  The plan here is to add only perennials that stay green a good part of the year or create a rotating flower garden.  There is so much to learn and soak in.

I planted allium bulbs last fall in another area near the patio and wow, they did not disappoint but they bloomed in early May not June as I expected. Mine were this color and were this beautiful. I can't wait for them to arrive next year.  We sat on the patio and adored these flowers that we first discovered in Boston Commons a few years ago for an entire month. Creating a nine-month garden (if possible in Virginia) is on my to-do list for this spot.  There is not enough time.

This is another flower, Fritillaria, I recently discovered and will order bulbs and plant for 2021 enjoyment.  I planted two from Lowe's yesterday but I find the bulbs you order and plant in the fall are more exotic.  Stay tuned.

These are on the fall planning board for my 2022 garden:


I would love to find an antique border for parts of my gardens (very hard to find) and expensive.  The new ones too new but I like this one:

Something like this (from Ebay) but dark.  These are in the UK:

I'd like to add a bench somewhere too and have my eye on one of these, painted dark in black or dark green:

Then there are the garden books, on order, from Thriftbooks......

And to keep with the flower and gardening motif, I am starting to love these plates, an oldie but goodie, made by Portmeirion.  You can find these everywhere.

Now if it will rain. We have record heat here in Virginia, extremely hot, the grass is crunchy and I am hoping that we are not in for another drought season. Dealing with our changing climate is indeed becoming more challenging. My garden but may be for nought without water!  Stay safe.

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  1. And here in Texas it won’ stop raining. What a crazy weather pattern. I am focused on replacing the perennials in my garden with natives and pollinators. It is tricky to plant for continuous bloom throughout the summer but I’m getting the hang of it.


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