Monday, May 3, 2021

The Jones' Boys

Now that Bob Baffert has surpassed Ben Jones' record for the most Derby wins, at seven, it's worth remembering the great "Plain Ben" Jones and his son, Jimmy.  Never heard of them?  We lose our history don't we?  It's very sad that we do - if it's not on Facebook or Twitter today's world doesn't know about it.  But those of us who love history and racing history in particular, know about the Jones' Boys.  The Paulick Report wrote a great article about Ben Jones recently and you can read it here.

This a great book to read if you can find it.  There are copies out there on Ebay and Thrift Books but it is expensive. Highly recommend it.

Remember Citation and Coaltown, two of the greatest horses of their day?  Back then, race horses appeared in popular culture routinely.  Love this from Etsy.

You can read an earlier post about Citation, another Jones' Boys, Calumet Farm super horse.  Read about Calumet Farm today here. I would love to see it.  Enjoy your Monday.  Stay safe.

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