Wednesday, May 12, 2021

What I am Loving Right Now

Good morning world.  It is a beautiful spring day in Virginia although we have no gas.  It's not a huge problem since we are all working from home, but think how we are polluting less today........ looking for that silver lining.

Here are a few things I am loving this morning.....

1) Saint James Minquiers Moderne Top

There's nothing like a classic Breton striped French top.  So plain, so modern, so French. Wear it with white jeans and a jean jacket.  Comfortable.  This will never go out of style and collect all of the colors although I am partial to navy and white.

2) Erno Lazlo Tinted Shake-It

I have been a Erno Lazlo fan most of my adult life and this is their very best product.  If you try this you'll never return to normal foundation ever again.  Use this as a base foundation and it's perfect to use with no make-up at all.  It is so natural, not heavy and no one will ever know you have it on.  Erno has been sold and it's changed over the years but Jackie, Marilyn and Audrey can't be wrong.  They were fans.

3) Medina Spirit

This little horse that could does not know he's the center of a huge controversy thanks to his trainer who has definitely lost his luster since the weekend.  The steroid creme or whatever was used would not have impacted his performance on race day but it has tainted Baffert, likely for good this time.  I have him "to show" this weekend in the Preakness behind his faster and fresher stablemate Concert Tour. We always love the underdog.  Love this article from Sports Illustrated. Pretty much sums it up for me.

Pat McDonogh/Courier Journal/USA TODAY Network

4) The Hermes Touch for Jean Jackets

I am in love with the jean jackets I am seeing that are embellished with what I'll call the Hermes touch.  Love this but it does have an Hermes-type price tag. J McLaughlin also put one out earlier this year but it's on back order.

5) The Cutest Sweats Ever

For those who just can't bring themselves to shelve the sweats, try these.  I found these at Old Navy and they are awesome - not too heavy, so cute, comfortable and at a great price.  Treat yourself!

Just say no to gas hoarders - if you live in the East. Shout them out!

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