Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Dose of J Crewalade

It's hard to believe that it's spring when there's a snowstorm outside.  Just trying to get the spring fever but it's just not working.  Even a dose of Crewalade is not working today but here it goes:

And I must admit that there is nothing in the new catalog that is screaming at me.  My bank account will love it!

These are very cute, matchstick jeans, sort of Provence meets Prep...

This I love but nowhere to wear it.  I bet this will sell out.  In the catalog they have it with a white suit and it looks fantastic!
 This reminds me of the pants.

And I do have a soft spot for the tweed blazers. This I like a lot.  The one I bought last spring did not get worn that much though...

More pants. Are you seeing a pattern here?

I like these shoes a lot and maybe I can snatch them at the Outlet in a few weeks....

Another tweed jacket.....

This dress is very cute.  Beachy, clubby, just very nice:

Have had my eye on these in kiwi, they look yellow here but they are more green in real life.

Hope you are snuggled in warm somewhere in front of a nice fire!  Watching March Madness, maybe?

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