Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Now that Daddy Winter is finally leaving, it's time to think about spring cleaning, around the barn.  Priorities!  House gets done later.  It's been so cold, so muddy and wet, well, cleaning has not been on my mind.  Where do you start?

Horses?  Barn?  Blankets?  Other?

I think I'll do the easy part first, the barn.  Time to pull out the water buckets that are heated and replace them with the regular buckets.  No more cords, thank you.  Buckets get cleaned, put away, new buckets come out.

I have started to put the blankets up, the ones I know I am not using again like the heavy wool coolers, stable blankets, and I have already washed a few. But I typically make a morning of going to the local laundry mat after just throwing them all in the back of the truck.  Just git r done! That will happen very soon, but there are still some cold mornings to deal with.  So that will wait another month.

Cleaning tack. I like to clean tack after a long cold winter, the stuff that has not been used too much since last fall.  Chaps got a good cleaning last night, oiled and ready to use until it gets too warm.

Tack store visit is also in order.  Aspirin (for horse shows), Sore No More, hair nets, maybe a new brush or two, clipper blades, linament, and shampoo; things I am sure to need in the next few months as we start riding a lot and showing.  It's always fun to get new stuff.

The barn gets a good cleaning too - mostly cob webs, sweeping, opening the outside dutch doors to bring in the cold air.  You can't get an old bank barn but only so clean, but airing it out makes all the difference.

I am also making one of these, after being inspired by Pinterest.  This will help me keep my hose folded and looking better.  Can't wait until it is done (it has been too cold to paint).

Ah, it's uplifting to get a good cleaning done, isn't it?  But then there's the house and the yard. Oh well....  Happy Easter!

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  1. I have spent many years out east but now live permanently in the west, but in a desert area so it is still cold at night. We are in the rug changing mode now :)

    This year I have decided to double my tack room space and reno it. I have gone from a working pro rider (riding 14 horses/care for 20+)to almost retirement, so now I can have 2 horses and triple the tack room space :)

    It makes me smile to think of all of the chores ahead. Pinterest is great!

    Thanks for an always enjoyable post, and have a peaceful Easter weekend....



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