Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Canada's Skoki Lodge - Will and Kate Stayed Here

While in Alberta, we heard about Skoki Lodge, a real back country lodge, deep in the Canadian Rockies.  There is no running water and no electricity. Heat is supplied by wood stoves and fireplaces. But you pay a lot of money to stay here and guess who their most famous lodgers are?  Will and Kate.

(UK Daily Mail)

The other amazing part is that you have to cross country ski or snow shoe in during winter and hike or trail ride in during summer and it's not easy, almost 12 km (6.8 miles) from any road and you have to go through two mountain passes to get there. Plan on a 3-5 hour trek each way, depending on your level of fitness. And you have to carry your belongings with you, so pack lightly.  Will and Kate were helicoptered in.

But it got my attention for the rave reviews it has received and how memorable this place must be once you finally get there. 

The lodge is owned by the same people who operate the Lake Louise ski resort and the woman who runs it has created a cookbook that I failed to purchase while in Canada (and you cannot buy it in the U.S., sadly).

The main cabin and three surrounding cabins can sleep 22.  There is a two night minimum.  Lighting is with kerosene lamps and outhouses serve as toilet facilities.  But as one reporter put it, "Skoki really is a place of splendid isolation."

 (UK Daily Mail photo)

But I should note that for Will and Kate, a 'Portaloosyle" working bathroom was brought in that had been painstakingly clad in natural wood to fit the log cabin theme.  The first one that was brought in was smashed to a pulp when the helicopter that was carrying it encountered turbulence. 

Clearly, a Skoki Lodge adventure is not for everyone but I suspect that this time next year I'll be ranting about the place just like everyone else who finally gets there! 

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