Thursday, March 21, 2013

Old and New Equestrian, From Etsy

I love perusing Etsy, you never know what you will find there.  And the prices seem to be reasonable most of the time, unlike Ebay today.  I bought some very popular gifts on for Christmas.  And people's creativity never ceases to amaze.

If I were having a birthday party, these invitations and decorations would be perfect!

This stationary is great. Very different.  Love it!

Hand towels make a great hostess gift.

More cards!

 This vintage Ferragamo belt is interesting.  Would probably have to see it in real life.

 People are starting to knock-off these bracelets for a lot less money.

Seeing this brought back many memories. I had a whole set of these when I was little, with the barn and riding ring that was covered in green felt!

 I like this too.  Vintage can be best.

 Another vintage item, a handkerchief. 

 These needlepoint lampshades are very interesting, a bit pricey but if you had the right spot....

More creativity at work. These are wine glass charms, for the person who has everything and loves horses!

Happy Thursday!  March Madness starts today...........

1 comment:

  1. Like the light shades. Not sure how well they would work though. I would LOVE that belt as a dog collar for our little guy.



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