Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Fever, Well Maybe

Usually this time of year, I am holding myself back from rushing to the store to seek out the new spring fashions: J Crew, Kate Spade, Anthropologie, Milly, and others.  But this year I am not getting excited about anything I am seeing online.  Nothing. Maybe it's because last spring I did a lot of shopping, starting in late January and then finished off with three great new dresses, 70 percent off, that I have not even worn yet.

But I did manage to find a few things out there that look promising.

I love this cute short jacket from J Crew.  The green version is already greatly marked down. But these really short jackets don't look that good on me.  But I still like it!

Love this dress but it is expensive and I would need to have a special place to wear it, and I don't.  from J Crew.

I thought long and hard about buying this Liberty shirt from J Crew and it is expensive.  But I could not pull the trigger.  Instead I bought a pink and white Liberty shirt from the winter collection on sale, greatly reduced.  This one I probably like better, but not with the blue striped shorts.

I do love this handbag but wonder if the color will date it. I bought the beige one on sale and absolutely love it!

Here is the green version of the pink blazer above.  Not sure which one I prefer.

And I am in a quandary over this one too.  Really cute.  I do wear a jean jacket sometimes with white jeans or khakis.  This one is not on sale but has only limited sizes left.

I like these shoes a lot, but they are similar to a pair I already own.  These are from Monkee's of the Village, a place I love to visit in North Carolina:

I have never bought anything from Sheridan French but I do like her clothes. This is really cute:

Is anyone else out there not lusting for anything this spring, or am I in the minority?


  1. I'm lusting after a garden... complete with gardener.
    And a garden shed.

  2. I like that last tank top, but the rest I'm kind of luke warm on.

  3. I'm bored with the jackets that look too small: very short sleeves that leave the lower arm exposed, which can be chilly in a Virginia spring, combined with a short hem and a narrow cut. I feel like I'm wearing my kids' clothes. These are pretty, but I'm not going to pay J.Crew prices for things that make me feel like I outgrew them.

    1. They definitely cater to the 20 somethings. More Tory Burch for our crowd!


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