Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vintage Sega

One of my friend's horses died this week, a fractured stifle, and I can only image how she must feel about losing her special horse.  This time last year I was getting Sega ready to show, a rite of passage each spring, for the past, well, 14-15 years or so.  So this spring I am missing that part of my routine, sadly.

She was a special horse and I loved every minute of our show career together. Here are a few vintage photos of the girl.  She's fat and happy in retirement, but life is not the same......

We hunted for a few years before she became a show horse.  This is with Middleburg:

This was in Cleveland during her prime:

This was her Pre-Green year in Ocala.  She really got better and better as time went on:

Go out and hug your special horse today!

1 comment:

  1. Sega is/was sooooo gorgeous... how lucky you are to have her! Beautiful expression and front end in that last photo. Any thoughts of another baby from her? Or has the experience with April been a bit too frustrating?

    I'm sorry about your friend's horse. Broken stifles are definitely one thing we have not figured out how to fix.


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