Friday, March 8, 2013

The Fox Needlepoint Adventure

Do you remember the giveaway from Po's Point Needlepoint earlier this year?  Well, Roseann, the winner, has completed the lovely Mr. Fox in record time and sent some great photos to go along with her story.   If you recall, Po's Point offered this giveaway, complete with all the threads, even came with a needle!

The package from Charlotte arrived in early February:

 Roseann had stitched one needlepoint canvas about 40 years ago, so let's say she had to get used to the variety of threads that came with this:  velvet in black, shimmery gold, furry white, cottons, wools, blends.  You have so much creative license today with needlepoint today.  It's really amazing.  Roseann had done some knitting and a little bit of cross-stitch.  She got into it though, rather quickly.

Then she took a 10-hour trip in the car to Texas and that really sealed the deal.  She went to pick up this adorable Jack Russell, the newest lover of her life.  And isn't he a doll?

Needless to say, she didn't get much done on the return trip.  But she completed Mr. Fox in record time and look how lovely he looks.  She put a black mat around the canvas but dark green was a close second choice.    Doesn't it look stunning?

And the good news is that Roseann is now stitching a belt, with a second one waiting in the wings.  She will have a "stash" before you know it. It's great to see someone get back into stitching after a long hiatus.  It is addictive, that much we know.

Thank you Roseann for sharing your adventure with us and thank you Po's Point for the lovely Mr. Fox.  May your weekend be full of stitching! 


  1. Oh that looks so good! I finished stitching my equine ornaments and need to get them finished and take some pictures. I'm thinking a belt is next!

  2. Thanks Lauren! It was a lot of fun.


  3. I have never done needlepoint in my life. Is it hard for someone with minimal experience doing this type of activity? I'm very interested in this however I am also interested in bringing that precious little puppy of yours home with me as well!

  4. There is only one stitch so it is actually quite easy. I bet youtube has tutorials on it. The hardest part is deciding which colors to use. Ted is getting bigger:)


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