Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Tune-Up

We are starting to get inklings of spring here in Virginia.  So the spring fever is starting to show. This also means that it's time to get the horses back in tip top shape for the show season.  The weather keeps me from riding a lot in January and February and I also believe that some good "down time" keeps the horses fresh and loving their jobs. Horses need vacations too.

So what happens when the winter thaws and it's time for spring?

Well, we put the horses back in real regular work with specific goals in mind.

The vet comes out and does spring shots and a few other things.  She is coming on Tuesday to do shots, teeth, check Alfie's back again and likely do some "maintenance" on Alfie since he will be showing regularly starting later this month.  If clipping and cleaning is needed, it's done now. Alfie got clipped in January so he is in good shape there,  but a good cleaning is in order.

We check the meds and order.  Adequan should be arriving later this week. Sore No More is coming.  I also clean my brushes, buy new ones if needed and clean the barn out really well, a spring cleaning if you will.

I drag my ring more regularly and pull the jumps back out. I store some of mine over the winter just so that they don't wear as much.

I get myself in shape too.  I have been swimming the past few months, doing a little running and also skiing so I try to keep my fitness year round.

Get back into regular lessons again.  Next week I will go and see the "master."  He has a lot of work to do!

When I lose my passion for all of this then I know it's time to retire but I am not there yet!  Still love it!

(David  Bell photo)

What's your routine to sweep those winter cobwebs away?


  1. With a beautiful horses and facility like yours, I'm not sure I could ever lose the passion! Right now I'm mostly still waiting for my horse to finish the 90 days of stall rest so I can hopefully start rehabbing him.

    1. I feel your pain. Hope it all continues to progress, in the right direction!

  2. Well with my horse retired 4 years ago, the passion was basically put to sleep, LOL

    Spring cleaning around here means touching up trim and wall paint dings and other issues that have driven me nuts over the winter months of captivity.
    I'm also planning what plants to buy and where I want to plant them. I am a terrible gardener, but I keep trying and some plants have actually been doing ok in my care, namely my roses. The front of the house still has that 'new construction' look 3 year later, so it's time to get it DONE!

    Have you used the Healthy Hair Care conditioner? The orange stuff? I love that stuff! I add it to my fly spray so that when he gets coated to beat the flies and ticks, he also gets a little hair care. That will be my spring/summer goal this year- no ticks on the horse and dogs! The Lab had her second bout with Lyme and I am just DONE with that!!!!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I had not heard that one but will certainly try it!


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