Friday, March 27, 2015

All About April

I haven't blogged about April in ages mostly because there hasn't been much to report.  She's been turned out now for over two years, not sound on her left front foot with no real chance for a life as a performance horse, sadly, due to her size and the soundness issues which are mostly genetic.

So we have been contemplating nerving her as a last resort so we can ride her and give her a job, which she seems to want badly. The vets have looked at her and I tried this winter to make the plunge but the winter weather was always an issue.  She has to be in a stall for a month and then slowly brought back into work after surgery.

But all of a sudden she is sound.  We pulled her shoes, gave her a new farrier and now she seems to be sound.  The vet is coming to see her in about ten days and then we'll see if we can just put her back in slow work (with a trainer, with a round pen) so that by early summer Ron will have a horse!  Stay tuned.


  1. So it was the trim that did it, you think? Or the time? Or all of the above?
    Shhhh... who cares right, as long as it lasts?
    Jingles it does!

  2. That's great! Do you think the farrier wasn't balancing her shoes correctly for her feet? I've also found a little barefoot time does wonders. Congratulations, that's wonderful!


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