Monday, March 9, 2015

Equestrian Clothing for the Non-Equestrian

You don't have to ride horses to wear clothing made, sold or designed for the rider in mind.  No, I'm not talking about walking around the city in boots and breeches, but rather, wearing clothing sold by well-known equestrian labels like Ariat or even Tailored Sportsman, only worn by a non-rider.

Let's start with the Icefil Shirt.  These shirts are made with IceFil technology, they keep you out of the sun while you're in the sun and they keep you cool when it's hot outside.  They protect you from the sun's harmful rays, and venting under the arms all the way down to the cuff keep you cool.  They come in great colors and the price points get lower every year.  Wear these for golfing, walking, gardening, and yes of course, riding. Dover Saddlery has a good selection. I blogged about these in March 2014, see it here.  These shirts are similar to the ones made by Bette and Court (for golf) but for less money.

 This is from EIS.  EIS runs smaller and less boxy than some of the other brands.

 Tailored Sportsman

Ariat is making some very cute clothes these days, with the Ariat logo and some of their clothing will have a zipper with a stirrup on the end.  But these shirts will look good on the non-equestrian too.  Ariat's quality, in general is very good.  Their clothes may run a tad bit small.

I love the Ariat Prix Polo shirt.

Ariat also makes "cool" shirts. Love this color:

There are many belts out there that are Gucci-esque, made for equestrians but should be worn by anyone who likes this style.  I love it!  See it here.

Happy Monday. Spring has sprung here in the East, at least temporarily.

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  1. Ariat also has some of THE most comfortable footwear out there... at least this chronic back pain sufferer thinks so!


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