Sunday, March 8, 2015

What Do You Wear Now?

Transition is always difficult.  Now that spring is finally on the way and you put away those bulky sweaters, the Patagonia fleece, the warm boots, you look in your closest and ask, what do I wear now?  It's the transition that is difficult.  Too cold for this and too warm for that.  And in the stores, you find bathing suits, sandals, skimpy t-shirts and sun dresses. Where I live those are months away.

So why not start with an adorable coat (there's that fetish again) in a fun spring color like this one from Barbour?

You can pick from several colors, beige is also a favorite.

I wear white jeans year-round.  They work great right now, in transition.

I don't wear heels much so I trend for a "wear with everything" flat, like these from Jack Rogers.These will span the seasons (read, great for the fall transition) and go with everything.
I'd add this scarf from J. McLaughlin.

I'd this striped shirt from LL Bean (which also comes in many colors).

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