Monday, March 16, 2015

The Georges - A Boutique Hotel in Virginia

A few years ago a couple from Richmond with ties to Lexington, bought two buildings in the quaint downtown area and refurbished them both in the most wonderful today.  We're lucky to have The Georges, two inns, one across the street from one another, that are getting rave reviews.  Here's what the web site says:

The Georges occupies two buildings on opposite sides of Main Street in Lexington, Virginia, a special town steeped in history and, for us, many wonderful memories. Located in the heart of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Lexington is truly a charming small-town escape. We love that the two buildings that make up our inn are unique pieces of the past, revitalized with fine accommodations for our guests to enjoy today. The Georges is home to Haywood’s, our casual yet lively piano bar serving farm to table cuisine and TAPS, our lobby lounge and special events venue.

When we acquired these buildings, we wanted to devote our resources, passion, and energy toward creating an inn and restaurants we think you’ll really enjoy. Our intention is to offer a place of comfort, traditional Virginia hospitality, and delicious food with regional ingredients—all in an environment that carries the history of the last couple of hundred years in its bones, and now with every modern amenity and convenience.

The gray building on the right is one of the hotels, with TAPS, the restaurant.  The owner is a VMI grad (Virginia Military Institute) which is less than a mile away.
 This is the other building, across the street, with Haywoods, the piano bar.

 Lexington is a lovely town to visit, filled with history.  It's the home to Washington & Lee University and VMI.  Traveller (Lee's horse) is buried here and Little Sorrell, Stonewall Jackson's beloved steed, is in the museum at VMI.  Want to learn more at The Geoges?  Book well in advance. Go here.

And who are The Georges?  

 The answer lies partially with the two wonderful schools that call Lexington home and which are our neighbors: Washington and Lee University and the Virginia Military Institute. We feel a connection to both (and some of us even attended one or the other), as our two buildings on Main Street are so closely located to both campuses. It also crossed our minds early on that Washington and Lee owes part of its name to George Washington, and VMI’s most famous alumnus was George Marshall. Those are two very important Georges—with a lot of personality and accomplishments between them, to understate it just a bit. We are honored to name our hotel after them both.

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  1. Lexington lost one it's greats yesterday, Ogygian.
    I hope someday I'll have the opportunity to visit the horse-centric attractions of KY.


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