Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Time Capsule Tuesday - Vintage Sega

Now that Sega has retired (she is now 21), I appreciate the many years we had on the horse show circuit even more.  Looking back on our 10+ year horse show career (a long career for a AA show horse), I know how fortunate I was to have such a special horse.  We conquered many goals together and it was more fun than words could ever describe.  If you are lucky you'll have the gift of one special horse in your life. I am truly blessed.

This photo was taken at one of her last AA shows.  She was very "up" that day and was spooky in the ring which was unusual for her (you can see it in her eye), but that being said the train that came through near the horse show ring did not phase her in the least.  At this show your horse needs to be "train proof."  Sega loved the show ring, she was like a diva walking the red carpet at horse shows.  She just performed and loved every minute of it. We went out twice last year in the pleasure division (she won the tricolor both times) and am thinking that we may try again once the weather warms up, just for old times sake.

This was taken in Ocala, FL much earlier in her career.  She was so good in Florida and when she won the circuit title there when she was eight, I never took her back, that was my promise to her, although she probably would have loved doing it a second time. 

This was also taken in Ocala, very early on. She would flop her left ear over the jumps so it was always difficult to get a good photo of her over the jumps.  This was probably her first or second year showing at 3 feet.  She got better every year.  Her best horse show year was at age 13 when she won classes everywhere.  Some just get better with age, like a good wine.

Hug your horse, your cat, your dog, your spouse today and be thankful that you have them in your life.  Life is short and oh so sweet!  Ride on Sega!


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