Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Harry & Snowman - The Movie

The documentary about Harry deLeyer and his famous horse, Snowman, is in the works!  Cannot wait to see it......

Harry & Snowman

(2015) In Production
Harry & Snowman is a feature length documentary about international show jumping rider Harry deLeyer and his famous horse Snowman. Harry & Snowman were the Cinderella story of late 1950's and 1960's. Snowman was an old Amish plow horse that Harry rescued off a truck that was bound for the meat and glue factory for $80. In less than two years after his rescue, they were the national show jumping champions and had become national celebrities.
Very few horse stories have been able to truly touch the hearts of a nation. Seabiscuit did it in the 1930's, Harry & Snowman did it again in the 1950's and then not again until Secretariat in the 1970's. This documentary will be the first time that Harry & Snowman's remarkable and heartfelt story will be told by 85-year-old Harry himself.

There is a short trailer on youtube:


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