Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring into Equestrian Fashion

I am loving the new fashions coming out for those of us who ride.  The options now for clothing are endless as long as you have endless pockets.  Here are some of the fun items out there for those who ride (or for those who want to look like they ride):

Love these vintage-inspired riding breeches from Tailored Sportsman. The Tack Room in Camden, SC had these in stock but am told they have sold out. Will find out for sure.  These are lovely!

Love this Coolblast shirt from Dover, for much less than the EIS version. Love the aqua one and the orange.  If you live outdoors in the spring and summer these shirts are great for anyone who gardens, rides, mows the lawn, anything.  Look good, stay cool and keep your skin in tact.

The pastel colored breeches are my favorites.Tailored Sportsman makes some great colors, loving the aqua ones.  Can you tell that is a favorite color?  The shirt is from EIS, which I also love. These are from The Tack Room in Camden, SC.

I love these helmets from Samshield with the bright colored trim but these are not hats to wear in the show ring. So this would be an extravagant purchase to say the least but are they not cool? They come in four colors off the shelf or you can order one as well.

Happy Thursday!

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