Friday, March 13, 2015

Picks for the 2015 Show Season

Now that spring has sprung, at least a little bit, it's time to think about getting in the saddle again and prepping for the 2015 show season.  I am really motivated this year to ride and get back into the routine and start showing.  So I've been thumbing through the new Dover catalog, much like I used to do to the Talbot's catalog way back when (long before Talbots became the conglomerate it is today, when it was a truly special store, like its sister, Carroll Reed).

While I don't really need anything, I've found so many items I'd love to add to my huge assortment and array of riding clothes, tack and everything else that goes with a horse.  Here is what I am loving right now......and it's fun to look isn't it?

To take better care of my saddle, I only ride in breeches now (no more jeans), and I am loving these from Tredstep.  The reviews are awesome and I like the way they look, and they come in several sensible colors. They have them at the Dover store.

While I have not tried these on or have seen them in real life, I am loving these new boots from Ariat.  They are called Ariat Sport V Zip Tall Boots and they'd be fun to ride in at home in lieu of riding in chaps and paddock boots. I would not show in these.  Last year I almost bought some Parlanti boots that I would have used in a similar way but these are a fourth of the price of the Parlanti model.  See these here.
For a long time now I have had my eye on a Samshield riding helmet.  I like the matte finish best, and please no bling.  I have heard good things about their gloves too.

I love these stirrups from Stubben.  What happened to riding in just plain old fillis stirrups?  See them here

I use these boots on Alfie and love them.  Lola can't wear the same size as Alfie, so I'd love to have a smaller pair for the young chestnut girl when she comes home from the trainer next month.

I love to shop at Dover here in Virginia (we have a store here) but I rarely order from their catalog (shipping prices are way too high). Go to Smartpak or Farmvet to order online.  Free shipping most of the time and Farmvet gives USA Equestrian members a discount. I love their trailer that comes to shows, they have great stuff. Happy shopping and ride on!

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