Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Middlebrook Store

In 2011 something amazing happened in the small hamlet of Middlebrook, Virginia (not to be confused with its gentrified cousin three hours north, Middleburg).  The community decided it needed to save the old "store" that once was and came together, bought it, founded a co-op and created a gathering place for the community, realizing that the 10-mile trip to the nearest store was too far. It's made the village a better place, something that everyone can participate in regardless, an equal opportunity endeavor.  140 people invested, tiny sums, small sums, large ones too. You can have lunch, buy a soda, a bottle of wine, a cookie, and now it sells horse feed, shaving, cow chow (is there such a thing), and postcards.

We visited the store last weekend, an open house, to display the new horse feed and associated items that the store now sells.  Did I mention you can also buy grass fed beef, locally grown eggs and cheese?  Who needs Whole Foods?

It's an amazing story when you think about it, and this community has gained an invaluable spot for everyone to come together, any day, most any time and the community has prospered because of it.  This is what happens when a group works together for the common good of all. We need more places like this in our world. 


  1. Wow, we do need more of places like this! Community hubs, so to speak.

  2. It's impressive that the community came together to make this happen. And that the store is keeping in tune with what the people want. Wow.


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