Sunday, March 15, 2015

Living Room Renovation, Part Two

In January I blogged about the living room renovation, and it continues today.  I've made a little progress but the extreme cold and two feet of snow we had in February slowed things down a bit.  But here's an update.

I ordered these lamps for the end tables. If I don't like them (they have not arrived yet), then I will go to plan B.

This is Plan B, albeit, MUCH more expensive. I would use a different shade.  A great lampshade makes a lamp so I update lamps by purchasing a new shade. It's truly amazing what that can do.

I am going to hang draperies in the room and am looking at rods. I like these bamboo ones a lot.  I am also using the roll-up bamboo shades underneath the drapes, from Home Depot for under $50 a window. Who says you can't save money but get a great look?  The Smith and Noble ones were almost $500 a window.

This is the fabric for the drapes.  It took a long time to find the right fabric and I need 40 yards so price was a huge concern. We ordered this about a week ago.

 This small cocktail table will go between the two wooden, painted chairs.  I am painting the wooden chairs a cream color to match the Clarence House fabric that will go on the cushions.

 Just to refresh, here's my rug (still waiting for the larger size to arrive):

Chair and ottoman fabric:

Sofa fabric:

Fabric for two wood chairs, pillows for the sofa"

I saw this cute lamp in Atlanta, it would look like on a secretary in the room.  Just an idea..

The room will need some accessories and the walls will be painted a shade of blue at some point.  Stay tuned....

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  1. Hello,
    Please share with me where your getting the bamboo poles. I purchased some bamboo roman shades from Bed Bath & Beyond. B Smith, 50 o/o off plus the 20 0/0 coupon! Bonus!!! But I need to complete the rest. A friend once told me to plan on $2500 a window. No matter how I slice it, it seems to hold true once fabric is added. Your source would be helpful.
    The House of Hampton


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