Monday, January 21, 2019

2018 Wardrobe Additions - Again

 I tried to buy only items in 2018 that I thought I'd wear for many years, use everyday or add basics to my wardrobe that might need replacing. Added a few "super deals" from deeply discounted J Crew sales.  I'm a creature of habit and shop mostly at J Crew for everyday clothes, Ariat for riding clothes, and Tory Burch (but almost always on sale). I blogged about this earlier (see it here) but here are some additions...

So here's what I added to my closet last year....

1) Belgian Loafers
I bought two pairs of loafers.  One on Poshmark for an amazing $100 (new) and one from the store in New York. You can't go wrong with these - worth every penny - and I'm always asked about them when I wear them.

2) No Coats
I did not buy a J Crew coat this year.  This is one of the first years that I kept to my senses and did not add to my bulging coat collection.  It's sad in a way that the quality at J Crew has fallen off the charts like it has. 

3) Kerit's Riding Pants
I added another pair to my wardrobe this year and to be honest I wear these every day (I have an older pair too).  They are comfortable, wash well, and I ride in them for winter.  Try these if you haven't already.

4) Tory Burch Bags for Travel
For my trip to France I bought two TB bags on sale.  One nylon purse (which is perfect for travel) and a good looking tote bag (I was going to France after all, so I wanted to look put together). Both served me well!

5) Liberty Blouse and Swim Suit
I bought this Liberty blouse for my trip to France and wore it often. I love the Liberty prints from J Crew. Hoping they keep the quality up though.  In the spring I bought this cute Liberty swimsuit for my trip to the beach.  I add a new suit every few years but I don't wear them much. 

6) Insulated Coveralls
My old green coveralls died a slow painful death this year and I was forced to replace them. I loved my old ones and the new ones are not nearly as well-made.  (Again, where has the quality gone in just about everything?).  I had a tough time finding a new pair but they work okay for now. I wear these everyday in winter to the barn.  I won't win any fashion contests with these but wow are they useful!

7) Ann Taylor Loft Purchases
I bought this very soft Loft cardigan for my trip to France (in gray). It was inexpensive and may not last forever but it served its purpose. It's incredibly soft and great for lounging.  I also bought these pull on pants to lounge in for the trip. I love the softness but the fabric has already picked (so much for fast fashion, right?).

 Finding good bargains and adding classic pieces that will last in this day and age is increasingly difficult.  But good quality and classic styling never goes out of style.  Stay warm! 

8) Patagonia Vest
This was a Christmas gift but I'll add it to my list.  I love this vest - wear these everyday under my coveralls when I go to the barn.

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