Saturday, January 26, 2019

Become a Collector

We've collected antiques for years and my husband and I love picking things up on our trips, when we're out and about, and just for fun. It's so easy to become a collector.  It's a hobby of sorts and I've also enjoyed studying some of the things I collect, like old glass.  You too can become a collector.

You need to love something to collect it.  What do I collect? Glass from the 20's, 30's, and 40's mostly American made - brands like Cambridge, Morgantown, Tiffin, Heisey, for example. Mostly stems, some decanters, finger bowls and some odd pieces in Imperial Hunt Scene (my favorite but hard to find).   I love these nudes from Cambridge.  Ebay and Etsy are sources for glass.  Glass shows provide the best selection and the best bargains. 

 I love this Heisey decanter with a hunt scene.  I have this in my collection along with the glasses to match it.  If these glasses could talk and tell the stories they've been privy to over long dinner parties....

Staffordshire - started when I traveled to London a few times of year for work and continues to this day. Staffordshire has come down significantly in price but know how to pick out a fake.  These are now on Etsy.  Antique shows are a good source.  I prefer to see these in person before I buy and I can tell if they are real.  I have dogs in my collection mostly but also some odd pieces. 

Chairs. I had a real chair fetish at one point, mostly for painted chairs.  Now I don't have room for more chairs but I still adore them.  These are for sale on 1stdibbs.  I bought my chairs at antique stores in Maryland and Pennsylvania.  I'd want to see these too in the flesh.  I studied painted chairs before I bought mine and searched for a few years before I found my set of eight and my pair.  Love them to this day!

Equestrian anything - prints, paintings, rugs, lamps, sconces, etc.  I love this small plate that is for on Etsy.  See it here.  These things are easy to pick up and here and there and my house is full of odds and ends, all equestrian, all antique, picked up in the US, France, Poland, England and Canada. 

We don't value anything old in this country anymore.  I love the old. Out with the new and in with the old - and it's better quality by a huge margin.  Learn to collect something you love and hand it down (or have a huge auction as I will one day!)

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