Friday, January 18, 2019

Thrift and Tell

We all love to be thrifty!  Before the Internet I was a consignment shop shopper at a local store called SNOB.  My favorite find was a green St. John knit dress that I wore to death (when I had to dress for work every day, in a dress or suit - the horror) after purchasing for about $100.  Now I am big Poshmark shopper.  My recent find was a pair of brand new never worn Belgian Loafers in my exact size for less than $100! 

Are you an Ebay shopper?  The Real Real?  Fashionphile?  Poshmark?

But have you been to Thrift and Tell?   The site profiles a "shopper" and it's very inspiring.  They recently profiled Julia Armory, the mind behind India Armory

She has great style.  Julia loves Oscar and manages to find it on Ebay.  She also is not a fast fashion shopper (refreshing to hear that from someone much younger these days).  I agree with her comments that you should invest in classic, well-made pieces in good fabrics that will last a lifetime. Can you say Hermes scarf?

She's inspired me to purge some of my not worn much and in bad taste clothes that are sitting in my closet waiting to be worn but probably never will.  

Purge, cleanse, dress well, buy smarter, look better!  Good goals for the new year!

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