Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Out With the Old and In With the New?

It's 2019!  Yes, a new year, more resolutions, more goals, more good intentions.  We all strive to do the right thing but somehow it never seems to work out that way.

Do away with the "old" and bring in the "new" - well most of the time?

Horse Racing
2018 will be a difficult year to replace in horse racing.  With one of the best three-year-old crops in decades, there was quantity and quality, and then came Justify.  Triple Crowns seem to run in clumps of three so perhaps we'll witness history in the making again this year. 

(Blood Horse Photo)

Bob Baffert has another undefeated chestnut colt in his barn, who also happens to occupy the former Triple Crown winner's stall, named Improbable.

Ironically the two chestnuts have much in common.  They are both chestnut, trained by Baffert, went undefeated, are owned by the same people (Winstar, China Horse Club) and Improbable is by City Zip, a colt (like Justify's sire Scat Daddy) who died unexpectedly, far too young.  Lightening does strike twice, I mean three times.  They also look alike. 

Clothes Shopping
My closet is full of clothes so I am dialing back my shopping this year in a very big way.  I don't wear a lot as my lifestyle keeps me on the farm most of the time.  My barn clothes, my work clothes (I telecommute and rarely go to an office) are really the same.  So I won't buy something unless I really need it or if it's classic enough that I can wear it for five years or more. 
And I remain disappointed in J Crew (where I have shopped for a long time) and believe that the company won't survive in the new world order of the Internet and fast fashion (read, the cheaper the better).  Their quality has plummeted and their prices have not.  So I predict that the brand won't be here this time next year. So the "new" is less, better quality, stocking up on classic pieces that will last many seasons. This Tory Burch number fits that bill nicely.

This coat from Brooks Brothers' Red Fleece also fits the bill:

My Horses
2019 should be an exciting year on the farm with the arrival of Apollo and a full year of showing at three feet with Madison.  Madison is gearing up for her show debut in a few weeks (we have not shown in three months) and she is getting in shape very nicely.  Alfie starts his work routine today (after not showing for three months as well).  He'll debut in early February.  He is being clipped (we'll finish today) and he looks like a show horse again.  Both will be fitter and we'll show more in 2019 than we did in 2018.  Apollo will practice being a baby for a while - letting him enjoy his childhood.  Here's to a better, more robust show year in 2019. 



(Alfie at Warrenton)

Reading List
2018 wasn't a banner year for reading so I'll make a better effort in 2019.  My bedside stack is full of titles that I hope to make it through in 2019.  I just finished this:
This is a fun, quick read, nothing too deep.  If you enjoy historical fiction, then try this one. You can buy it here.

I'm tackling this one now:

It is very long, but surprisingly good so far. You can buy it here.  When President Bush died recently I realized I did not know much about his life even though I worked in Washington in an office with some of his close friends.  My stack beside my bed continues to grow.  There's nothing better than a good book!

Cooking and Entertaining
2019 won't be a banner year on the entertaining front. I have decided not to do much entertaining in the new year so if I entertain at all, it will be through smaller dinner parties for four or six.  I'll focus on improving my cooking skills and may take up baking! Cooking lessons are also on my list.  I am adding this cookbook to my collection:

Fitness Front
Living on a farm is a great way to stay in shape.  I don't have to go to a gym as I get a workout every day.  But I will make an effort to run more (on my treadmill at night) and keep fit.  You need to be fit to show two horses!  My fitbit keeps reminding me of my "slow days" (which for me are 10,000 steps or less) and my calendar will remind me to run when I can't ride.  As Nike says, "just do it."

Make your own memories in 2019!  Looking forward to the new year.

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