Sunday, January 6, 2019

Just the Facts, I Mean Face

Let's face it.  None of us are getting any younger.  Those wrinkles, those age lines, that dry skin...... I long for the time when I worried about pores!  Tried and true regimes - some products work for one but may not work as well other - are very personal.  I've tried lots of products like everyone else.  Here's what's working for me right now.

1) Facial Cleansers and Toners

I still use my Erno Lazlo Sea Mud Soap.  I won't tell you how long I've been using this stuff but I always come back to it.  I've blogged about this iconic brand before but if it was good enough for Audrey, Jackie and Marilyn, then I guess it's good enough for me. 

Before you use the soap you cleanse your face with this detoxifying oil.  This product was changed a few years ago and I do like this one better than the old oil.  It leaves your face so fresh and clean.  You have to determine what "clock" you are when using Erno Lazlo. On their website you can take the test.  That will determine which products are right for your skin. I am 12 o'clock.

I also keep a tube of this cleanser from Estee Lauder the days that I am in a hurry or just don't want to mess with soap and oil and it's easy to throw into the cosmetic case for travel.

I have not tried this toner but it's on my "to try" list.  I use a toner every morning to "wake me up" and cleanse before I do anything else.

2) Masks
I love using masks and try to experiment with different ones.  I don't use the same brand over and over again.   

The Hydra Beauty line at Chanel is one of my favorites.  

This is the mask I have been using recently from Dior. It's very light and I use it about once a week. 


3) Eye Creams and Gels
This is the one area that I tend to splurge on and I use several products, usually one for day and one for night.  

I tried this Estee Lauder product for night and really like it.

I also like this Eve Lom cream for day:

I had a free sample of this and have been using it. I like it but don't think you need to use if if you are wearing the Estee Lauder cream above - overkill IMHO.

Eye cream and face cream can be a very personal decision.  I don't like to use gels and I prefer lightweight to heavyweight.

4) Moisturizer
This is so important to get right and again, so much depends on personal preference.  I use different products in winter and summer. I am outside a lot and the winter.  I really like this Chanel product as a solid, year-round, daily moisturizer.  It's not too thick or thin. 

For the really cold winter days, I use this product from L'Occitane.  I bought this in Canada and it's just the best stuff when the weather gets really cold and your face gets really dry.  It lasts a long time too - you don't need to use much. 

I don't like to use oils or gels on my face but will add a serum from time-to-time.  This Erno Lazlo Cream is a good cream for night use.  It's not too heavy or greasy either.

Another Erno Lazlo moisturizer worth trying:

5) Mascara
While I'm not going to talk about make-up today I will recommend mascara. I am VERY particular about mascara and there are only two brands that I use.

For years I was a Dior addict and I still love their mascara but a few years ago I discovered Kevin Aucoin (a clerk at Barney's recommended it) and I am a convert.  You can buy this at Barney's or at Net-a-Porter. Divine brand.

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

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