Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Januaries

January is not my favorite time of year but I try to make the best of it.  A snow storm is coming in this weekend so we'll hunker down for the cold weather and mostly stay inside.

So what do you do when farm life keeps you indoors and not out?

1) Binge Watch The Crown
If you loved Downton Abbey then you'll adore The Crown.  Not a Netflix subscriber (me neither), you can now purchase the first two seasons.  And it's worth it!  One of the best series I've seen, ever.  Please bring on more!

2) Closet Clean Out
This is the time of year to pull out those outfits you never wore but thought you would.  Donate to Goodwill, send to the local consignment store, put on Ebay or Posh to help fund your spring wardrobe.  There's something refreshing about doing a closet clense.

3) Go to the Gym
When it gets cold I get on the treadmill, literally.  You'll look stylish in this funnel top from New Balance.  See it here.

4) Read a Good Book
Curl up in your reading nook and lose yourself in great fiction or non-fiction.  I am reading this....

I finished this one a month ago:

5) Bake
I just bought this new cookbook and I'll be cooking quiche and scones this weekend. If you like to bake this is a must have.  The Red Truck Bakery is in Warrenton, VA.  See more about this cute place here.

6) New Needlepoint - On Sale is having a great sale on in stock items but it ends today.  Get 25 to 75 percent off canvases (a rarity in needlepoint world).  Stock up for 2019. Shop the site here.  Here are some of my picks:


7) Shop the Internet Sales
J Crew is still having a 50 percent off sale on their sale items.  I picked up this cute sweater for less than $25 and these mules for $30.  Not bad.  Tory Burch is also having an extra 25 percent off sale items. Brooks Brothers is also having a sale as is J McLaughlin.  Shop till you drop!

If all else fails then watch the NFL playoffs!  Happy Saturday.

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