Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Make Mine Towels

There's nothing like a good towel.  I know it sounds silly but having nice towels is a luxury that many simply overlook.  When I was in high school and college I worked in a department store in the linen and china department and learned to love a good towel. Fieldcrest's Royal Velvet was the very best that we sold.  I bought these when I went to college and they lasted about 20 years (really). It's hard to find that kind of quality today and the velour of Bed Bath and Beyond is just a fiber that neither absorbs or lasts or even looks good IMHO.

So why not have pretty towels like these from Leontine Linens (in the current Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House):

Or you can splurge on Porthault and hand them down (they will last a lifetime):

Adding a luxurious bath mat to your bathroom makes a difference - when you get out of the tub and fall onto the plushness that is inherent in a quality towel (read probably French or Italian) like this one from Frette:

Are these not beautiful?  Frette of course!

Or these by Matouk:

 Good linens are like fine wine.  They get better with age and you appreciate them more when you get older!  Stay warm out there!

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