Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Horse Scarves on Poshmark

I've become a Poshmark convert the past few years snagging some great bargains, on mostly new stuff or almost new clothing at a mere fraction of the cost.  It's a great source also for the "old" J Crew for those of us who long for those days when quality was king at J Crew.

Horse scarves are also on the brain and they come in all sizes, colors, and price points on Poshmark.  Here are my picks.  If you don't shop Poshmark you should!  Try it!  I searched these - "horse scarf" and look what I found.  This one is listed for $25.

You can make offers on anything on Poshmark and the buyer can accept, decline or counter your offer.

This one is listed for $24.

I love this vintage scarf listed for $18:

This one is $7.

This one looks like Hermes and it's $55 (but it's not):

I love this Celine scarf listed for $155:

This one is Gucci for $100:

This vintage scarf is only $5:

Jonathan Adler:

 You can buy Hermes on Posh but the prices vary widely. Some of the scarves are priced full-price. Here is one I like a lot:

Happy Poshing!

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