Tuesday, March 31, 2020

At Home Riding Apparel - Tops

Since we won't be horse showing IMHO before July, at the very earliest, I am using this time to work on the basics - transitions, equitation, the dreaded sitting trot.  You know the drill. But that doesn't mean you can't look good and fashionable riding at home, at your barn, or in a riding lesson.  There are so many choices today in riding apparel.  Here are some of my favorites.

We have a Dover Saddlery where I live so it gets visited frequently.  I love the Dover brand for tops.  Their sun shirts are a great value and I highly recommend them.  Currently they have these in pastel colors for spring and summer.  Mine are orange, deep aqua and a bright green.  They hold up well.  See the new ones here.

Ariat also makes a very good sun shirt. I have a deep navy blue one that is the most comfortable shirt I own for riding.  You can't beat the Ariat quality and price either.  See the new ones here.

If you prefer patterns, then try the Kastel Denmark shirts.  See them here.  The Dover store in Lexington, VA has this one in stock.  It's not on the Dover website but they have it there.

I also go to golf wear for my riding tops.  Most of the golf clothing is made for an active lifestyle (wicking) and it often more stylish. I love this top from Vineyard Vines.  You can golf in it, ride in it, wear it for running, running errands.  See it here.

Also love this top from Vineyard Vines, also made for an active lifestyle.  See it here.

Another source is Peter Millar.  Love this top, also made for golf.  See it here.

And I love this Keeneland pullover from Kaeli Smith.  See it here.

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