Sunday, March 1, 2020

Needlepoint Organization Project is Complete

Well, one of my new year's resolutions is checked off as I have completed my needlepoint organization project.  It was time consuming but worth the effort of consolidating years of threads put in bags by type, not knowing what threads I really had.

So now I have organized my threads by color.  Each thread is housed in a separate Ziploc Bag and placed on a ring and then in a plastic box for safekeeping.  I moved my stuff to my home office where they now sit on my bookshelf.

I keep my growing "stash" in my large Scout Bag.

My needlepoint books are now arranged together on a bookshelf near my thread.

I bought this decadent D. Porthault bag to house the threads and supplies for my current projects.

My completed projects sit here waiting to be made into whatever.  This is going to be a handbag.  I am going to find a vintage piece of leather from an old bridle to use as the handle next time I am in Middleburg (to go to The Tack Exchange) and will line this in green or brown striped silk (to be purchased at some point in the near future).

 The Birds of a Feather sampler was completed years ago but I cannot decide what to do with it. It should be a pillow but it does not go with any of my decor.

These baskets from TJ Maxx house my other "stuff" for needlepoint.

There is something to be said for organization.  It's like spring cleaning in a way, uplifting and now I am ready to stitch in 2020.


  1. A design that doesn't go with your house? Make it into a fabulous tote!

    1. Great idea but I have too many totes already!

  2. Good for you! Must be something in the air. I added organizing my needlepoint books to my to do list this morning.


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