Thursday, March 26, 2020

Things You Can Do During the Pandemic

No one is immune and we are all in this together.  Here are a few things you can do during this very difficult time in our world besides reading the article about Bill Gates.

1) Support Small Business
The Targets, Costco's and Kroger's of the world will survive this epidemic but the mom and pop stores may not, depending on how long this lasts.  Buy from the local stores if you can.  Order carry-out from local restaurants.  Buy wine from your local wine store if you still can.  Call your needlepoint store and ask them to mail you a new canvas.  Order from The Farm House or The Tack Room if you need horse supplies. 

If you know a small business owner show them this link in USA Today where they might sign up so that others can order directly from them online.

2) Send a Friend a Care Package
My 90-year-old friend who lives alone in a rural area received a care package yesterday full of magazines and books.  She reads a lot and is not a big Internet user (she does not have Broadband) so this was welcomed.  It also let her know that she is loved and cared for even though I can't go see her right now.  Do the same for someone you know.

3) Use This Time to Take a Free Course Online
Classcentral and Coursera make it too easy not to enrich yourself.  No excuses!

4) Take a MasterClass at Noelle Floyd to Enrich Your Equestrian Knowledge
Classes are half off right now.  Sign up for a month!

And to lighten your day!

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