Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Horses at Home

In these very unusual times I am thankful that my horses are here on the farm.  Looking at them happily grazing in their pastures this morning when people are getting sick all around us, gives me some level of comfort and hope that at some point the world will return to its normal state.  After all, their life hasn't changed at all other than having us here all the time.

So how are they all doing?

Apollo came home from reform school in early January.  He's been well-behaved since he came back and he's growing rapidly.  I have not measured him lately but think he's around 14'2 or 14'3.  He is butt high right now, thinner in the ribs, not as round as he's been but suspect he'll fill out again after this growth spurt. He's definitely going to be gray but hoping he'll stay roan like he is right now.  His blaze and four white socks are still dominant.  He has quite the personality and his favorite habit at the moment is to nip me when I take to the pasture each morning.  He thinks this is very cute.  I think otherwise. His Royal Cuteness at 20 months is still pretty darn cute.

Sega is holding her own but this time of year is not kind to her.  Founder watch has started and the grazing muzzle is going on soon.  But at 26 who's counting?

Madison is still diva Madison.  We managed to get one show in post-accident and while it was nerve-racking  and we showed at a lower level over the jumps, we got through it.  I had planned to do a lot of showing locally these next few weeks to get us back on track but of course, that won't happen now.  She did bring home her first tricolor of the year with me in the irons.

Alfie at 19 does not act his age.  He still runs and turns flips in the air some mornings when I turn him out.  Now that we are home for an extended period he'll go back in regular work much to his chagrin.  But that hay tastes good this morning!

April, my very expensive pasture ornament, has been relatively sound the past few months and I'll likely put her into light work now and see how she does.  She is the funnest horse to flat of all that I own - like riding a couch.  It's not like there's not time now.

Hoping that your animals are safe and sound and well-cared for. We managed to find some more hay (I was shocked given the hay situation around here) so we have plenty of hay and grain to get us through this anxious time in our lives.  Stay safe.  Stay home.  Stay positive.

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