Thursday, March 12, 2020

Is Staycation the New Vacation?

We are planning to hunker down here in the Virginia Hunt Country, as the virus begins to take hold here in the US.  We have confirmed cases now in Richmond so it's headed our way if it's not already here.  My many spring plans are now likely canceled or soon to be...... no Keeneland (can't imagine there will be spectators there in a month), no Preakness, no high school reunion and likely no horse showing at some point in the very near future.

But I am lucky that I own land, have my horses on site, can carry on my life in a somewhat normal fashion (I am a telecommuter and have worked from home for years) but do enjoy getting off the farm on a regular basis. So is staycation the vacation for the spring, summer and fall of 2020?  Yes, very likely.

The new dresses I have ordered for my trips are going back - no need to buy clothes you cannot wear.  

My hefty needlepoint stash will be loved this year as I'll be able to tackle it all much sooner than I anticipated.  This cute little ornament will be finished soon...... (from Po's Point in Charlotte).

I am going to plant a garden (for fresh vegetables) just in case and I've never had the time but likely will have the time in the months to come. 

My book stash will likely get read this summer too.  And it's almost as big as my needlepoint stash.  This is one of the books I am going to read very soon!

Please be safe. Use good judgment wherever you may be. Stay home if you can. Plan ahead and let's hope that this too shall pass!

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