Saturday, April 11, 2020

A Face Mask Story

So what do you do when your normal stream of retail customers quits buying your products?  You improvise.  Katrina Coldren at The Clothes Horse reinvented herself, albeit temporarily we hope, as the horse show world came to a complete stop a month ago.  Her company, The Clothes Horse, based in New Jersey, typically supplies show barns with coolers, scrims, tack room drapes, tack trunk covers and other items the show circuit crowd regularly needs as they travel the country attending the top horse shows. 

You can now find Katrina's team stitching badly needed masks.  She's sold out at the moment but making more of them as quickly as possible.  If you'd like to buy one email her at It's stories like these that bring back that often long forgotten American ingenuity. It seems it's still there. 

If you are savvy, have a sewing machine, and can sew, you can make your own:

We will all be needing masks well into the future with this virus in our population.  Asia caught on after SARS and MERS.  We're there.  There's a new industry out there now, that of the face mask. Might as well have several, look good, match. Just saying........

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