Sunday, April 5, 2020

Susan Roberts' Needlepoint Trunk Show

I often follow the trunk shows and buy my needlepoint at various vendors when they have the trunk shows, for a discount.  Right now Susan Roberts' canvases are being shown at Knot the Point for 20 percent off.  You can call to order Tues-Sat and shipping is free.  813-467-8935.  Here are some to drool over until you place your order.

(Go on to Instagram and look at some of her finished pieces for some great ideas on how they finish, ways to change color to get your own look:

I love her foxes and rabbits. This is a brick cover, to be used as a door stop.

I think my favorite is the hunt scene belt and the lounging rabbit which I recently saw done and fell in love with it.  No reason not to stitch now!

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