Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Allure and Whimsy of Madcap Cottage

The Madcap Cottage duo, shown here, are known for their whimsical rugs, furniture, wallpaper, dinnerware and accessories as well as their love for dogs which happen to show up frequently in their wares.  They relocated to North Carolina, bought a terrific old home that needed some love and put their magic to work.

Here is the house. Isn't it fabulous?

You can see what the inside looks like here.

They have their name on all kinds of products for the home and the common denominator is bold color and style with a bit of added whimsy.  


Love this dish.  Wouldn't this make a great cheeky pillow?

Love their rugs which are very reasonably priced.



They also have a needlepoint collection, through The Plum Stitchery.  See it here.


You can see the entire Madcap Collection here.

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