Friday, April 24, 2020

More Vintage Lilly - Skirts

In the spring and summer I am a big fan of vintage Lilly Pulitzer skirts.  I have bought them from Ebay and Poshmark and have a few I've owned for years. I prefer the longer ones, typically 17 inches or so (if you are 25 then by all means wear the short ones) and I prefer skirts over skorts (the skorts have shorts underneath the skirt).

You can buy these very inexpensively, $25 or less unless it's never been worn (NWT) or a special pattern that makes the skirt worth more.  Also shop the sites as you often find more than one of the same pattern at different price points.

This cute skirt is $20 and you can offer less. On Poshmark you are able to make offers.  The buyer also pays the shipping (a flat rate). 

This one is $13 and I am tempted to make an offer at that price.  Love the colors.  The A-line style also hides a lot if you know what I mean.  See it here.  Also love the pocket.
I also love this one but the price is too high.  See it here.  I love the animal prints best.

This one is a size 8.  I wish it was smaller.  Love the animals and the colors.  See it here.

This cute one is a size 4.  See it here.

This is my favorite one (and I have this one) and rarely see it for sale.  Love this Derby print.  See it here. This one is size 4.

Am also partial to the Lilly patchwork skirts.  See this one here.

This is a size 6, available for $18.  See it here.


The mango tiger skirt is cute too.  It's a size 10. See it here.

This is from my own closet. Love to pair my skirts with a fancy Tory Burch cardigan.

This is a Derby patchwork skirt that I bought on Poshmark a few years ago.  Love this one too!

There is nothing better than vintage Lilly, at a great price, to pair with your existing sweaters, jean jackets and sun shirts for a great summer look.  We'll likely be sheltering in place this summer, why not look good doing it?  Have a fantastic Friday.  Stay safe.  Stay home. Cherish this time with your family and animals.

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