Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Support Your Local Tack Stores

It's important during these hard economic times to support your local tack stores and not the conglomerates that will likely weather the storm.  The local mom-and-pop stores may not fare so well.  I realize many are not shopping at all, but if you do need to order, support the small businesses if you can. Here is a list of some that immediately came to mind.  There are many more but this is a good start.  Many have websites and others you can call directly to order.  Many are offering sales, percentages off your entire order.  The Tack Room in Camden, SC, for example is offering 15 percent off your entire order right now.

The Farm House (SC)
Chagrin Saddlery (OH)
The Tack Box (VA)
Horse Country (VA)
The Tack Room (SC)
Horse & Rider (NC)
Stablemates (MD)
Malvern Saddlery (in PA)
Champion Saddlery (in Virginia)
Mary's Tack and Feed (CA)
LA Saddlery (CA)

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