Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tuesday Tidbits

The days just fly by for me, between work, the farm, the horses.  I try to sit down for an hour in the evening, watch Netflix and stitch a little bit before I go to bed.

Today, I thought I'd throw out random tidbits, nothing related here. Everyone is dealing with stress, reduced or no workloads, being quarantined at home with lots of people in some cases.  Relish this unique time in our lives.  We'll be telling the grandchilden -  "remember the days, weeks and months of the pandemic."  Make the best with what you have and find time to do things you never had time for in the past......

1) The Horsemasters
Someone sent me the link for this 1960 Disney movie starring Annette Funicello and I have always wanted to watch it (I have not had time to see it yet). It's based on a 1957 novel by Don Stanford. This is Funicello's first co-starring role in a feature movie. The film was shot on location in England.  Enjoy.  See the movie here.

2) DJ Designs Needlepoint
I am always on the lookout for new needlepoint and I recently discovered DJ Designs. Their canvases are fabulous and this one is on its way to join my ever growing stash.

 You can check out the designer here. I ordered from The Needlepointer in Edmonds, WA the canvas was shipped in less than a week. Look at some of these......

3) Netflix
We are late Netflix adopters but I have enjoyed watching some of the shows.  So what am I watching right now?

I would recommend The Grand Hotel if you don't mind subtitles.  I have also watched most of the shows about the royal family, The Crown and have seen one episode of What If with Renee Zellweger. 

4) Garden Alchemy
I love this book!  If you want to naturally beautify your garden using organic materials then you need this book.  Make your own garden fertilizer, weed killer, potting mix, rooting hormone. You'll never buy another chemical for your garden again. See it here.  Buy if from Amazon here.

5) Parker Posey's Guide to Getting Into Needlepoint
It's all the rage but we've known that stitching is great for the soul most of our lives.  Read this fun article here and pick up that needle and stitch.  

6) The Satellite Sisters
If you don't know about these gals, you should. Lian is a friend and is a great writer (read her books).  But treat yourself to great humor and it runs deep in this family of girls. Join the fun here.

This is Lian's new book due out later this month.

Would highly recommend her first two books (have read them both and they are excellent):

Be safe my friends and thank you for all of your kind words these past few weeks. Life has been different for all of us, that is for sure. Stay home!  Hang in!


  1. Thank you for the great suggestions!

    1. Thank you Beverly for reading! Much appreciated and stay safe!


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