Monday, April 20, 2020

Vintage Lilly

I treasure my old Lilly Pulitzer clothes. Like a good wine, they get better as they age. The newer Lilly clothes are nothing like the old stuff.  The fabrics, the prints, the styles - just not the "old" Lilly.  I wish I had kept all of my Lilly clothes from way back when.  But I have a few old pieces and add to my "stash" when I can find it.  In most cases the old Lilly was always lined in white cotton.  The zippers were more substantial and you always could find "Lilly" in the fabric.

Etsy, Ebay and Poshmark are great online sources and you don't have to pay a fortune for this stuff. The sizing will be different too.  Vintage was before vanity sizing came along so if you are a 10 now you may be a 14 in vintage.  They told the truth back then. 

Love this vintage dress:

Love this skirt on Ebay:

Love the lace, the linings, the colors, the patterns.  Vintage is best!

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