Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Possible Pandemic Inducing Lifestyle Changes

This pandemic will be life-altering for many people.  Jobs are gone and may never come back in the same form.  Our hobbies may have to change. Travel will be different.  Our shopping and dining habits will not return to the old normal anytime in the near future.  The way we run and engineer our lives going forward will be totally unlike what we did pre-pandemic.

Sports will be different at least for a while.  Will you let your child play organized sports in close quarters like soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse? Spectator sports may also be different, perhaps only televised or streamed without people in the stands. Tennis, horse racing, motor sports, ski racing - these could easily resume without crowds or spectators.  How will the NFL or NHL work? Will the players risk getting sick to play? What happens to college sports?

Entertaining will have to be done at a distance and likely at home.  I could perceive having a small group over for dinner, spaced apart, close enough to have a conversation but far enough apart for safety.  Large gatherings won't be coming back anytime soon.  Restaurants will have to re-think their business model (less people dining at once) to survive.

How else might our routines of daily life change and perhaps for the better?

1) Classic Wardrobes Return with a Focus on Quality over Quantity
I am hoping that our spending patterns will change as we focus on having less.  We don't need five pairs of navy shoes.  We don't need new clothes every few months.  Focusing on quality over quantity and doing with much less may assist us also in helping to save the planet.  Many retail stores won't survive and we'll likely have less shopping options.  Maybe we'll return to buying locally from small stores?

Adopting Healthier Lifestyles
People are finally learning that having bad health habits affects health outcomes and even the possibility of death.  Obese people of any age are succumbing to this virus.  Now maybe everyone will realize that being healthy is extremely important for longevity.  We all need to eat better and eat less.

Learning to Entertain at Home - Games/Puzzles/Movie Nights
I've loved being at home and have adopted some old games and habits.  We're playing backgammon and Rook.  We have movie nights at home. We don't watch network television at all. 

Distanced Dining 
I can see the adoption of using tv trays at home for guests, for larger groups of people.

Reading Real Books Returns
Reading more books is one of the positive outcomes from the pandemic. There is something relaxing about sitting on the patio on a Sunday afternoon reading a good book or cozying up one evening to a good read before bed with a nice glass of wine.....

Learning to Live With Less
The unfortunate souls who have lost jobs, income streams, livelihoods are seeing that having debt and no savings is not an ideal situation. Maybe we don't need the big houses, the expensive new cars, our nails done every week and the trips to Bermuda.  We should all try to live with less moving forward.  Our bank accounts and the planet will thank us.


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