Friday, April 3, 2020

Oh Keeneland

Before the pandemic, this was the weekend we had planned to go to Keeneland. The Blue Grass Stakes, one of the last prep races for the Derby, would have been run tomorrow.  One of my close friends and her husband were joining us, so it was going to be a fun one.  We were to leave yesterday.  Today we had tickets to be at Three Chimneys to see Gun Runner.  He's on my bucket list and I loved watching him run in the big races. What a handsome fellow too!

I was so excited as this is my favorite trip of the year.  We have it down to a science. Dinner at Malone's on Thursday night. Friday is a stallion tour, a visit to Liquor Barn to find Bourbon and even a Bourbon Tour if we can fit one in.  And then there's always a visit somewhere along the way to L.V. Harkness. 

On Friday night we go to Dudley's downtown for dinner.  Saturday is all day at Keeneland. Then, exhausted, we return home on Sunday. 

Going to Keeneland is magical.  It's so refined.  People come to actually watch the races.  The ladies are dressed, the men are too.  No drunken stupor here, at least not where we sit.  We had our reserved seats and of course, the outfit.  The weather looks to be almost perfect for this attire.  Oh well!

Subconsciously, I ordered this needlepoint yesterday.  It's out of stock but at some point I will get it.  (Hint, Pip and Roo Trunk Sale going on now, 20 percent off at Louise's Needlepoint.  You can call her to order and there are many canvases on her Instagram (@louisesneedlework).

I guess it reminded me of Keeneland......

Trying not to be Debbie Downer today.  

Zenyatta and Mike Smith - True Love

To lift the spirits, watch this race if you are able.  This is the 2009 Breeders' Cup Classic which Zenyatta won. She is the only filly to win the Classic.  Her birthday was this week and she's now 16 years old.  This was her finest hour.  The race will bring a smile and perhaps a cheer. 
Her Breeders' Cup Classic win against the boys is one for the history books. She was in last place (she always came from behind) but this was unreal.  Her stunning victory will make you smile and we can all use one of those right now.  Stay safe my friends.  Stay home.  Enjoy what you have.  Cherish your memories too.

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